WXXI Community Screening in Rochester, New York

Mimi Nguyen, subject of A Village Called Versailles, recently participated in a great Community Cinema screening in Rochester, and shared some photos and a note to let us know how it went: “About 30-40 people showed up at the Community Cinema night at WXXI Studio in Rochester, NY to see A Village Called Versailles on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The Q&A session following the film included speakers Laura Garrison, Assistant Vice President/Producer, Bob Smith, Host/Producer, as well as myself. There were about 5 Vietnamese people in the crowd. Two of my childhood friends, who also stayed in the same refugee camp with me back in the day, were really touched by the documentary. They, too, were inspired and proud of the strength and determination of the Vietnamese Americans in New Orleans. It was an honor and a humble opportunity for me to be back in Rochester, NY. Thank you WXXI team for bringing me back home.”


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