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“There was no mainstream media coverage of the isolated Vietnamese enclave that had existed in eastern New Orleans since the late 1970s. That regrettable omission is rectified in Chiang’s moving documentary” —Judy Stone, SF360 “Chiang skillfully shows how revolutionary this [protesting] was for a community whose elders had been scarred by war and dislocation.”Michael Shapiro, The North Bay Bohemian “A story that bridges oceans and generations alike. The film is not designed to preach, but to inspire: to share a unique slice of the American story with a wide audience…This is a film you cannot afford to miss.” “Tells the story of the political awakening of the Vietnamese community in New Orleans East.” —John Rudolph, Feet in 2 Worlds “Inspiring that the community united and stepped up. They found their voice.” —Momo Chang, Hyphen Magazine “Offers a potent commentary on our nation’s identity, and challenges historically misguided views of what it means to be American.” —Kim Leung, Campus Progress “An absolutely remarkable documentary on the Vietnamese American community that will elicit thoughtful and provocative discussions. It presents with great sensitivity the tragedies of displacement, yet focuses on the remarkable power of dignified resistance and coalition-building across generational, gender, class, linguistic, and racial boundaries.” —Linda Trinh Vo, Chair, Department of Asian American Studies, University of California, Irvine “A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES is an inspiring film demonstrating the critical role faith communities can play in organizing for social change.”Rev. Michael Yoshii, Buena Vista United Methodist Church


Audience Award, Best Feature Documentary–New Orleans Film Festival Best Documentary–Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival Henry Hampton Award–Council on Foundations Film & Video Festival

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